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My Ebony photographed with a Wista DX
Like most photographers, I love cameras and have owned many types and makes over the years.
Back in the days of film, most enthusiasts learnt photography with a 35mm and my choice was Nikon, which, in my experience, have always had unfaltering reliability.
Inevitably though, I realised that, in photography, bigger is definitely better and the lure of medium format was too great (the larger image size requires less enlargement for a given print size) and at various times I owned Hasselblad, Rollieflex, Mamiya, Fuji, Bronica and Pentax 67 SLR's and rangefinders.
It was during this time that I became aware of Large Format equipment, very strange and antiquated in appearance. Research made them appear very specialised and difficult to use, however time and again I was amazed by photographs made by them. Superb clarity of tiny details coupled with seemingly unlimited depth of field.
As my photographic journey took me to medium format, so large format became my choice.
Today, my digital Nikon D800E, is the main camera, purely for ease of use, but the camera that gives most satisfaction remains the Ebony large format.
I typically carry;

Digital, Nikon D800E with 24-70 AF-S and 80-200 AF-D, Zeiss 21mm Biogon, occasionally a micro Nikkor.

Film, Ebony RSW 45 with Schneider Apo Symmar 120mm and 150mm, Fuji 90mm and Rodenstock 65mm lens. Fuji or Kodak film

regardless of camera type, I use Lee filters and always my trusty Gitzo series 3 carbon fibre tripod.

I also own other cameras for reasons of nostalgia as well as use and these are Nikon F2, Nikon F4 and Leica M3

Update, May 2014
Reluctantly, after much soul searching, I have parted with my film equipment due to the increasing cost of large format sheet film.

I now use Nikon D800E with 16-35, 24-70 and 70-200 AF-S lenses along with the Lee filters and Gitzo tripod and increasingly an umbrella!

June 2014
One of the main attractions of Large Format photography to me was the ability to enhance sharpness and depth of field by tilting the lens. As I sorely miss this since selling my LF equipment, I have added a Nikon 24mm and 45mm PC-E lens to my bag.

October 2014
My love affair with film continues with the recent acquisition of an Ebony SW 23. This is not a large format camera requiring sheet film, for which my preferred film is impossible to find, but a medium format (6x9) for which Velvia 50 is still available. It is a superb technical field camera that has a greater range of movements than did my Ebony RSW 45. It is paired with a Rodenstock 65mm 4.5 Grandagon N lens.

December 2014
I am now also the happy owner of a Schneider 90mm f6.8 Super Angulon "classic" lens to compliment the Rodenstock in my Ebony line up